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District 78 Residents only! Proceeds go towards Maine Clean Election funding.
  • Thurston for Maine

David “Fuzzy” Thurston was born in Bethel, and has since spent over 40 years starting, owning, and operating, and growing businesses in District 78. As owner of the Rumford’s J. A. Thurston Company and Bethel’s Sudbury Inn, he knows first-hand the challenges and obstacles faced by Maine businesses. He knows that tourism and manufacturing are the true backbone of Maine’s economy, and has had a lifetime of experience in both. As your Representative, he will advocate for policies that promote environmentally  responsible economic growth, and put Mainers first.

As an owner of multiple businesses in District 78, Fuzzy worked hard to ensure all employees received the best employment conditions possible. This meant competitive wages and better benefit packages for workers. As your Representative, he will continue to be an advocate for the workers of Maine.

Alongside its people, Maine’s greatest assets are its bountiful natural resources. That is why Fuzzy believes in protecting those resources, while also carefully maximizing their potential. As much of Maine’s industry relies on timber, a wise and sustainable approach to these resources is imperative. A clean environment is essential to not only Mainers, but all Americans. That is why Fuzzy supports clean and responsible energy development.

The same natural resources are the foundation of much of the growing tourism industry of Western Maine's economy.  Tourism now provides more jobs than did the wood products sector ever did at its peak, and it is by and large a very “clean” industry requiring very little  regulation.

Fuzzy is staunchly opposed to increasing taxes on the working class. He will support a proposal for the flat tax rate in order to even the tax burden and to cut government costs. 



Fuzzy supports measures to improve Maine’s education system, and will work to retain college graduates within the state, create new opportunities and prevent young talent from leaving. 


Fuzzy is a firm believer in a healthy business environment for the state and supports offering short-term, sliding scale tax incentives for businesses proposing to relocate to Maine and provide jobs for Mainers. 

District 78 Residents only! Proceeds go towards Maine Clean Election funding.
  • Thurston for Maine

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